Also the year nobody liked, n dnt wanna remember. I feel like nobody ik rlly had the best year they could have, n tbh it really was a let down. So many planets went into retrograde, so many friendships n relationships came n went. So many folks didnt make it 2 da end .. n das just how life go?

Fuck that.

2023 beat alla our ass. Dis may be the worst year i evr went thru in my life. showed me how quick shit rlly a hit the fan! n its cool! thts how u grow! This feelin this year gave me definitely wont last 4evr! N it sure as hell ain finna stop me from getting 2 wha i deserve! 2024 gone b da year of ambition! If u want dat shit go out and get it! Itz all gas n no brakez once that clock strike 12 nigga! Real shit! 4get them hoes, the leeches, the dick suckin niggas underground who will do anything 2 b around niggas with 10k + followers! 4 get the folks who crossed u out n counted u out! 4 get the money u missed out on bc dat shit already printed!! u jus gotta get up n go get it nigga! its get back szn all 2024! WE AIN SPARIN NO HOE WE AINT SPARIN NO OPP! Fuck em! Live in yo skin! Live in yo truth nigga u can die tomorrow! WHO GONE DO IT IF U DONT! fuck a handout! fuck anybody dat broke yo heart! 2 my angels n my real niggas its sooooooo many ppl on dis earth, fckin 8billion! Dat one hoe or nigga is 1outta 8BILLION stand up! put yo shoes on! go outside n explore, enjoy da world ! niggas n btchz die everyday! Die knowin u did what u wanted n lived on yo own terms! Thank god for lettin u come dis far! N fuck anybody who went against u! 2023 came n went n at times it felt like the year was nvr gone end.. but we almost there. U ready?

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You aint gone never be happy if you focus on whats going on right now. You cant change now cause its happening now. But what you can do is change the future. Plan shit ahead, focus and manifest what you want the most bruh. This all a simulation anyway so you might as well be in control of yo shit! Idgaf if you gotta sticky note yo wall, download a to-do list app or whatever set goals and achieve em to further yourself toward whatever you dreamin of. Its so many people living in the now and hating they life when you can be focused on making your future brighter. You can have a 9-5 today and be a upcoming self employed business owner next week with enough clients to quit lol. Im jus sayin dont let now stop u from the future. Cant sweat shit thats goin on rn just think bout the shit u can do next.

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So 2day is 2days b4 i go on vacation n i wanna drop some stuff 4 yall :D! So new crop tops 4 the bimbos going live by the end of today! Also streamin on twitch at 5PM 🫦 yessirski!! Also last night dont owe me shit so if u seen me drunk stfu. Ok bye

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a luv letter 4 bad bitches


Everybody kno how much i appreciate bad bitchez. Bimboz n allat. I luv girly girls. I luv feminine women wit tht i cant be touched face n a body god crafted his self. Think thats the hottest shi evr. Not every bih got that. N some nvr will. U either got it or u dnt. N 2 all my bad bitches dont let nbdy stop u from bein bad. If u wanna put yo ass on ig who tf gone stop u. U dnt owe nbdy nun. U only live one time so why do dat livin by everybody else rules n lettin somebody who gone die jus like u, judge u. U can die tmr atleast die knowin u a bad bih. n 2 my bimbos i luv evry 1 of yall fr yall the reason i go hard. thank yall 4 fw my shi cause yall who i do it fa fr. strictly 4 da bad bitchez dassit. N bad bitchez luv me i luv yall bak! xx- miyagi

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So I came across this hard ass judas by lady gaga sample. That song sooooo fucking good like it fucks u in yo ears right. So im like playin around with FL cause I just got that shit (s/o 2 vannah 4 gifting me it), and I was playing the synths.

When I was doin the shit im like damn i kinda fuck with me on FL like I aint heard you niggas do nun like this lol. So then I added some 808s from this Destroy lonely full drum kit which was the 1st kit i downloaded lmao cause im like where the fuckin drums on dis ho.

At first i just added this dramatic bass line.

And it was just that at first. But as i wrote the song which imma get into later on.. I was like I want ts to make you move like these lyrics so mellow and somber n shit but I want you to bop yo head to this shit. So i added my lil version of a jersey club 808

Then i added this DRAMATIC ass synth to the ending

Heres the full beat in its prime


Idk why but I really be obsessed with writing songs about idk heartbreak? toxic relationships allat cause thats all ik fr. All ik is fallin in love wit any girl that i get 2 fully experience like its crazy.

Like dangerous and when it all ends it always be unresolved. No closure. Like if i was to run into any of my exes they would still have some feelings for me n i still am in luv wit them. Call it crazy if u want to but thats jus what it is.


I just mean i tnought u would be the one like i thought this would b 4ever



But instead of u bein the 1 u drove me crazy in luv witchu n i cant let go ? Now im gettin high to the point where i might OD just to feel that thrill again u gave me. Just to feel.



A lot of girls become in luv with my art before they even experience me in real life. I feel like my shit different and they do too. They always tell me dont forget em when im famous n its like i might or i wont depending on how i experience u



She gone come back once im up and save me from the life im livin now. Save me from them long nights in the club doin drugs n drinking till i cant no more. Them bitches who only there for the moment n not forever. She gone save me from myself

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